Now all of us know the secret of Kellyanne Conway’s success in the Trump White Rental

(CNN)Or now not it is h-a-r-d to dwell on very long in the Trump White Rental. The President is a vastly judgmental man who also happens to be incredibly snappily; other folks he loves at the present time may perchance presumably perchance perchance be other folks he hates — or as a minimum distrusts — the next day. Tackle, literally.

Which brings me to the considerably engrossing case of Kellyanne Conway, the senior counselor to President Donald Trump. Conway has been a customary presence at Trump’s aspect since spring 2016, when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, for whom she had been serving as an adviser, dropped his plan back to Trump. She lastly rose to be Trump’s campaign supervisor for the final months of the campaign and has been ensconced in a top characteristic in the White Rental since Day 1.
Which is atypical on story of so many other folks in those senior administration jobs are long past. Reince Priebus. John Kelly. Sean Spicer. Jim Mattis. Rex Tillerson. H.R. McMaster. Anthony Scaramucci. Hope Hicks. Purchase Porter. Scott Pruitt. Steve Bannon. There are SO many more. But you salvage the premise.
And but, Conway remains. Now now not handiest that, nevertheless she is now not mentioned as someone who has fallen out of desire with Trump, someone he has lost faith in, someone who is clinging to their job. She looks to form of skate under the radar — no topic the reality that she is one among the most recognizable and high-profile figures in an administration stuffed with them.
How, you are looking ahead to? Just correct ask! And a original excerpt from passe Trump aide Cliff Sims’ book on his time in the White Rental — “Crew of Vipers” — affords one very likely idea: Conway is the person most love Trump in the White Rental. Here’s the foremost bit from Sims:
“Her agenda—which became her survival over all others, at the side of the president—modified into an increasing selection of clear. At the same time as you figured that out, all the pieces about her appeared so calculated; every assertion, even a apparently innocuous one, appeared poll-tested by a focal point team that existed internal her mind. She perceived to be perennially cloaked in an invisible fur coat, casting an all-radiant smile, as if she’d tranquil 98 Dalmatians with handiest 3 more to shuffle.
“I’m now not sure the president ever fully understood that about Kellyanne. But what he clearly shared with her became a love of media consideration. Unlike most human beings, Trump’s most enthralling peril wasn’t death or failure or loss. It became obscurity. If he became observed, he mattered. And he didn’t care great if the respect became just correct or tainted, so long as it wasn’t indifferent.”
That is a extremely crucial little bit of insight into Conway and Trump. They both locate their closing reward as their capability to dwell on anything else — and to even thrive. Trump went bankrupt Three times nevertheless declared victory on every occasion and proper kept surviving. Conway labored for Cruz, who savaged Trump as a “sniveling coward” for the period of the principle, then managed to work her map into Trump’s internal circle, and take care of there. Trump became confronted with audio of him talking about women folks in deeply misogynistic terms correct earlier than the 2016 election and received anyway. Conway invented the phrase “different facts” and suffered no detrimental consequences internal Trumpworld. Even her husband’s public and oft-stated opposition to Trump would now not appear to have hindered Conway’s central characteristic in the White Rental.
The assorted crucial thing to veil in that Sims’ excerpt is the obsessive take care of the media — and its opinions — of both Conway and Trump. While Trump attacks the media at every flip, he can be the most avid person of its journalism — particularly through cable TV — of any president ever. And while Trump will never admit it, he cares deeply what the media a) thinks about him and b) says about him. (“Trump sincerely held most members of the media in low regard — that wasn’t correct for veil,” writes Sims. “But what he didn’t preserve stop to admit became that he also craved their approval.”)
What Conway has understood for the duration of her time with Trump is that how the media perceived her — and her fee to Trump — became the coin of the realm. Every adviser in the White Rental may perchance presumably perchance perchance also expose Trump that Conway became a leaking nightmare — that is completely how Sims portrays her — nevertheless none of it mattered if Conway became regarded by the media as someone who became an efficient advocate for Trump. If the media idea she mattered, then she mattered to Trump. Interval.
Tackle her or disfavor her, that became Conway’s central insight — and what has kept her in the White Rental (and tranquil with the ear of the President) long after many of her colleagues have either been fired or fallen out of desire. She endeared herself to Trump by being love him. If she leaked, neatly, hell, he likes to leak — for his possess again — too! If she frail other folks to manufacture some broader purpose, neatly, he did the identical! If hundreds other folks stated she became tainted and compulsory to shuffle, neatly, hadn’t other folks been asserting that about him his entire occupation?
Requested about the book’s accusations of her leaking, Conway stated Thursday that if she has something to snort to the press, she says it in public. ” who the true leakers are,” she told reporters. “If I veil … them I’d want to veil who they leaked to. That is more likely to be somewhat a couple of fun.”
For Trump’s section, you correct fabricate now not fire yourself. Or someone who reminds you of yourself.
“What a job she’s executed,” Trump stated of Conway final year. “What a job she’s executed.”

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